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I was born and raised in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City and attended elementary and high schools there. I purchased my first camera, a Yashicamat twin lens reflex, when I was 15 years old. I have been making photographs ever since.

An older friend taught me how to use a darkroom, and explained the technical stuff we had to learn before the advent of digital cameras. He also introduced me to the work of W. Eugene Smith, Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Andre Kertesz; they were my early -and are among my continuing- photographic influences. They sought to capture the unguarded and spontaneous instant, the decisive moment, the juxtaposition of two or more elements that caused a synergy. The images they made are universal; and as unaffected as a child’s drawing; as self-reflective as a mirror.

Over the years their work has been described as: photojournalism, reportage, documentary photography, street photography. I’ve not strayed very far from that tradition. I’m always looking for an arrangement of the elements that make an image- light, subject, texture, design, composition and color- that will evoke/provoke a reaction from the viewer. My current work attempts to document naturally-occurring metaphors and the situations/places where they’re found. Of course, my visual metaphors might not be yours.

I studied photojournalism at Michigan State University, and received a BA and an MFA in Motion Pictures from UCLA.  While at UCLA I studied fine art photography with the renowned California photographer Robert Heineken. I’vee exhibited my work in the USA and Europe; my photographs have appeared in books, magazines, documentary films, newspapers, journals, videos, record albums; and on any number of t-shirts, although never with my permission.

For those interested in more details about my work, here’s an outline CV:

Curriculum Vitae


Michigan State University - Photojournalism

University of California at Los Angles (UCLA)  BA - Theater Arts  

MFA- Motion Pictures/Screen Writing

While at UCLA studied fine art photography with the noted American

photographer Robert Heineken

SOLO SHOWS: (selected examples)

Museum of Rock Art  1982

FNAC (traveling exhibit in France 1993 & 1994)

Photographic Image Gallery, Portland Oregon 2004

Galerie Harwood, Montreal Canada 2004

Galleria Arteutopia Milan, Italy 2007

il Castello Marchionale, Este, Italy 2008

"Mississippi al Po" Festival, Piacenza, Italy 2011

Trasimeno Blues Festival, Umbria, Italy 2012

GROUP SHOWS: (recent)

Proud Gallery, London (2011)

Russeck Gallery, New York City (2011)

Giustina Gallery, Cultural Art Show, (Oregon State University) (2011)

Linfield Art Gallery, July 2012

FILMS: (selected examples)  As Director/Producer/Writer

Siamo Fuori (1998)

Una Favola Vera (2000)

The Sugar Film

The Target Zone

One of the Family


El Carro Nuevo

Under the Influence


An Hour for Magic (Plexus Books, UK) also editions in other languages

A Feast of Friends (Warner Books) also editions in other languages

Jim Morrison: Diario Fotografico (Giunti, Italy).


Rock and Folk (France 2012)

Rolling Stone (France 2012)

Republica XL (2011)

NME  (2011)

La Republica (2011)

Uncut (2011)

l'Unita (2011)

Mojo (2010)


An American Prayer (co-producer 1979)

(nominated for a Grammy Award; winner - Edison Award (Netherlands)



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